Sunday, June 17, 2012

Upcoming Satanic Holidays

Feel a weird energy in the air lately? Well maybe this has a little something to do with it. There are quite a few Satanic holidays coming up over the next couple months, so I thought I'd share a few. For those of you who may not know, Satanic rituals are used to accumulate energy for demons, in order to gain power. For example, the person being sacrificed will be scared out of their wits, which generates quite some energy, then cut open, which releases the blood/energy to the demonic spirits.

Lady Gaga VMA's 2009, mock sacrifice ritual.

Now for starters, there are three holidays this week alone:

Today, June 17th, is Corpus Christi, the Satanic feast to mock Jesus Christ.

June 21st - Solstice Feast/St John's Eve - A feast in which sex rituals and animal and human sacrifices take place.

June 23rd - Midsummer's Night Eve - This is a fire festival, one of the most important times for magic.

Now I've heard quite a bit about the Olympics lately and how it is going to be one big Satanic Ritual, so I thought I'd check out the schedule.. Well of course, the Olympic's Opening Ceremony is on July 27th, or the Grand Climax. This is one of the biggest Satanic holidays, including a sex ritual and a human female sacrifice. There are 7 days (July 20th-27th) of preparation for the Grand Climax, which includes kidnapping and ceremonial preparation on the female who is set to be sacrificed. Normally, a young virgin girl is used because she is still pure. I'm sure you've all seen it in the movies.

Anyways, I find it interesting that the Olympics just happen to have the Opening Ceremony on one of the most popular Satanic holidays.. Also, I would have added more information, but unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of information available unless I were to actually read the Satanic bible or make some friends, which I'd rather not. :p

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