Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Symbolism

MK Ultra symbolism is used by handlers to advertise their slaves. Just like cat symbolism is used to showcase the subject's sex-kitten alter, the color pink is used to display the child-like sexual alters. This type of symbolism would be used for a BETA slave, or someone under sexual programming. BETA programming has the most primitive sexual instinct, and no moral convictions.

"The color pink is traditionally associated with femininity, sexuality and purity. It is also used to characterize a child-like personality, which is why in programming, it is almost always associated with child alters, which are related to the core personality of the victim. Programmers typically view this alter as weak because it is easy to breakdown and make cry. They can exploit it to their advantage by attacking the true-self of the victim. If the handler wants to advertise the virginity of the victim to other handlers, they may dress them in all white or pink, signalling that the child is still a virgin, which means a lot more money for the handler when the victim is sold into prostitution. As the victim grows older, it is less and less likely that they are still a virgin, which is why the color pink is also used to symbolize sexuality."

Amy Winehouse, with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield.

Anna Nicole Smith, shortly before her death.

Ashley Olson

Avril Lavigne


Britney Spears - The leopard print reinforces the sexual alter.

Brooklyn Decker

Carrie Underwood

Christina Aguilera


Demi Lovato

Dianna Agron


Gwen Stefani

Halle Berry

Hayley Williams of Paramore

Jamie Lee Curtis

Janet Jackson

Jared Leto

Playboy bunny, Jayde Nicole. Notice, all the other pink and purple wigs.

Jenna Bentley

Jennifer Garner

Jenny McCarthy

Jessie J,wearing leopard print as well.

Joss Stone

Kate Moss

Katy Perry

Kelis - "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, I can teach you but I'd have to charge.."

Kelly Osbourne


Kim Kardashian

Kylie Minogue

Lady Gaga, obvious MK'd puppet.

Lily Allen

Lindsay Lohan


Miley Cyrus

Natalie Portman

Nicki Minaj

Paris Hilton


Rachel McAdams


Scarlett Johansson

Selena Gomez


Shirley MacLaine

Sienna Miller

Tarna Tarantino

Taylor Momsen

Willow Smith


  1. This is an awesome website that summarises what has taken me over a year to research here and there...finally I can get my partner to look and listen because of the way you have written this.(usually he rolls his eyes when I try to explain or don't have pics to back me up etc) This has made him pause and think Really important stuff - can't wait for your next post, I will be a regular :) Peace

    1. Thank you!! It's always nice to hear something positive rather than the 'crazy' comments. :) I also have another blog, that I add a lot more info too, if you're interested. It's

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