Monday, April 30, 2012

Walt Disney Symbolism

                    Walt Disney is golden to many families across the globe, so hearing that this empire is pushing the most sadistic agenda in the world can be unbelievably shocking, to say the least. It just goes to show that some of the most evil tend to hide behind a facade of innocence and kindness. (Wolf in sheep's clothing.)

                      The truth behind this empire is much more sinister than we could imagine. Disney is used as a factory of sorts, to program children (Monarch Programming/MK Ultra) into being literal puppets who end up being used to push the Satanic message you see everywhere in today's music and television. Have you ever wondered why the stars who come from Disney (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan) turn out so lost and troubled? This isn't included here, but there is Illuminati symbolism all over the Disney Channel and the music sold by Disney as well. Part of the brainwashing that is done to these children, actually includes teaching them to respect their programmers, or in other words, Disney. This is why you see so much 'love' towards Mickey & Friends within Hollywood.

This is a 700+ year old Pagan drawing found on cave walls. It's almost identical to Mickey. Still believe Walt Disney was original?

The Mickey Mouse Club. These kids were, more likely than not, traumatized.

Amy Winehouse                             Arthur Sales

Ashley Tisdale                              Barack Obama

Beyonce, in Telephone, opens her glasses after her and Lady Gaga poison a restaurant to death. Does Paparazzi ring a bell?

Britney Spears

Chris Brown - Notice the mask?        Christina Aguilera

Christina Ricci                            Ciara

Coco Rocha                          Comme Des Garcons


Cody Simpson             Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

Drew Barrymore                Hayley Williams

Hilary Duff                        J Alexander

JC Chasez                         Jessica Simpson

Jessie J                                Julian Lennon

Justin Bieber                         Justin Timberlake

K Pop's Ahn Sohee                   Keira Knightley

Katy Perry

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Rowland                            Kreayshawn

Lady Gaga, in Paparazzi, after poisoning her boyfriend.

Lana Del Rey                          Madonna

Lil Wayne

Lindsay Lohan

Marilyn Manson                  Masonic Youth

Megan Fox                            Natalia Kills

Michael Jackson

Richard Burbridge

Rihanna, mixing the ears in with artillery, attempting to make war look 'cute.'

Selena Gomez

Warren Spector

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