Sunday, March 11, 2012

Britney Spears 'Femme Fatale Tour' Breakdown

I recently watched Britney's live tour on Netflix, and I couldn't believe my eyes. The story line was all about a Manchurian Candidate. For those of you that don't know, a Manchurian Candidate is an MK Ultra (CIA) Assassin. Just like any other victim, the subject is brainwashed, tortured, programmed and trained to become this assassin. Like the 'pop star puppets' everyone is so enamored with today, these assassins also have multiple alters, with one being the assassin, of course. When it's time to murder, they are triggered into another alter, do their job, and are triggered back. They are programmed to feel no pain or emotion, (pain is pleasure to these puppets because they'll actually get to feel something) so if they were to be caught and interrogated, they wouldn't crack under pressure. Some are even programmed to commit suicide. If anyone's interested, a good example of this would be Candy Jones. Anyways, this is my first piece, so bare with me.
By the way, a femme fatale is a beautiful, yet generally evil, seductive woman who uses her charm to get what she wants, usually ending up in a deadly situation. NOT an 'empowering woman' as Britney's team has her explain. It's a French phrase, which translates as 'deadly woman.'
Intro: A clip starts playing and Britney is escaping from some sort of facility, agents are chasing her.

Running, with agents tailing closely behind.

And.. They've got her. She exclaims, "I'm not that easy."

While performing 'Hold It Against Me,' the agents take Britney to be programmed, starting with electro-shocking.

This is a pretty disturbing thing to do to a person who's been through this trauma before, and it can cause a victim to be triggered.

For Example: Watch Brit's hands closely, it looks as if she was triggered.

Next, Brit and her dancers are in cages, who's progress is being closely watched by their programmers. They are being treated as caged animals, or slaves.

Britney & her fellow victims are transformed, here she says "Are you in? Livin' in sin is the new thing!" They have been successfully programmed.

Oh yeah, and they're carrying guns. Hence the assassin part of the programming.

Now some man starts talking, he has photos and notes of Britney posted on a wall. He mentions that he's trying to find her, and that she's 'lost in a crowd of painted faces.' This man is describing how she slips from one identity to another, going from country to country, while images of Brit's many different personalities/disguises flash across the screen.

"Where are you my precious? I warned you, and you didn't listen, so now, it's time" The many different identities Britney assumes, is just part of being an assassin.

The creepy man is in a room full of intelligence equipment. "Bring your best game," he says.

Next up is 'Big Fat Bass.' There's not much to this performance, although if you look at this clip, Will-I-Am is having a glitch, almost like a computer. Once again, Will-I-Am is promoting transhumanism. It also adds to the idea that they are 'programmed.'

Here, Britney is imitating Marilyn Monroe, while paparazzi chase her.

Now it goes back to the creepy man, "Femme Fatales. A woman so beautiful and captivating, she'd win the love of any man no matter the cost. Their seductive movements con men into sharing first their beds, and then their secrets."

"An army of men are standing by, and if I can't be the one to take your last breath, I assure you, one of them will. Tonight, you won't win."

Next, Britney comes out on a boat dressed as Isis, the Egyptian God, which is used for occult and Illuminati rituals. Remember the Madonna at the Super Bowl?

A close up of Britney, as Isis.

Notice how the pyramid is illuminated, along with Masonic twin pillars.

Now for 'Drop Dead Beautiful' the dancers are running around with frames of mirrors, while Brit walks through them. In MK Ultra, mirrors represent the alter realities or personalities, so this fits very well. As Britney walks through a mirror, she is switching alters. Also, previous puppets like Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix had filled their rooms up with mirrors, because that's what the mind of a mind control victim looks like.

As Britney performs 'Boys' she is standing in a barrel, which she appears to be acting as a snake following the movement of snake charmer. It helps that there is Pungi tunes playing along in the background. Like snakes are mesmerized by the snake charmer, Britney is in a trance from the mind control.

Once again, back to the creepy man watching Brit on his surveillance..

Clip of Britney in a Motel room, deciding which identity she's going to use.

Apparently, she's going to be a biker chick. She seems paranoid, as if someone is watching her.

She performs a few more songs, not much symbolism, then just as the creepy man is saying "Tonight is the night, I will take your last breath," Brit comes up behind and murders him.

Last, but most definitely not least, Britney is a monarch butterfly. She has completed her programming and training, and transformed into an entirely new identity. Just like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Something I noticed while watching this is that I often found myself in a trance like state, just completely zoned out. I also noticed that nearly the entire video there were portals playing on the background screen. Portals like this are used to put people in the state of a trance because that is when subliminal messages find their way into your subconscious. Basically, it's hypnosis. Anyways, I think the message here was pretty clear. They turned the tour into a storyline all about mind controlled assassins, trying to make it seem 'cool,' all the while making Britney re-live the terrors of MK Ultra programming. You can also see the many different identities Britney slips into. Which shows how they split a person up to create and mold anything or anyone they want. It's really starting to make me sick with how blatant people are being with symbolism. But then again, that's how they desensitize us.
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