Saturday, March 24, 2012

Split Personalities of MK Ultra

   While undergoing programming for MK Ultra, several personalities are created in a slave's mind. From severe (intentional) trauma, the main personality splits off into several parts, creating multiple personalities and a fractured mind. This explains why we hear so many celebrities claiming they have alter egos and split personalities.
This is a painting by Kim Noble, an artist with Dissociative Identity Disorder, who's painting's reflect the life of a mind control victim.
"'I'm Just Another Personality' visually represents the splitting of the subject in several alters. The central figure, or the core personality has become simply "another personality". It is blindfolded, representing the victims total blindness to its condition." s

Aaliyah - Reflecting her split personalities.

Akon - White & Black (i.e.) is symbolism for dual personalities. Such as Good/Evil. Photo by Derek Blanks

Amy Winehouse - Split personalities.

Angelina Jolie - Looking in the mirror at her fractured mind.

Ashlee Simpson - Dual personalities. This was taken from the music video for Shadow. In other words, she's living in the shadow of her created alters.

Avril Lavigne - Split personalities, taken from the video for Girlfriend.

Beyonce - Split personalities. Sweet Dreams.

Black Swan -Mirrors represent alternate realities, so a broken mirror suggests that the subject has a fractured mind.

Brandy - Good vs. Evil or dual personalities. Photo by Derek Blanks

Britney Spears - Dual personalities. Two personalities fighting to create 'one.'

The two pupils represents the two personalities inside of one person. Taken from Hold it Against Me.

Christina Aguilera - Main personality split off into two others, from Candyman.

Ciara - Dual personality, taken from Like a Boy.

Dollhouse - Woman standing in the middle is core personality, surrounding by created alters.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - We all know this one, right?

Eminem - Sitting next to his created alter, which is truly nothing more than a mannequin. Taken from 3am.

Gwen Stefani - Split personalities. What You Waiting For?

Jessie J - Split personalities. Domino

Kesha - Alter personas/Split personality.

Kylie Minogue - Split personalities. Ironic that this is taken from the music video for Come Into My World.

Lady Gaga - Core personality in the middle, along with two created alters.

Lana Del Rey - Split personalities surrounding the core. Not exactly sure where this is from, but the comment 'Can she live?' is just a little creepy.

Madonna - Dual personalities, fighting of course. Die Another Day

Megan Fox - Lying next to her alter.

Miley Cyrus - Split or fractured personality.

Mo'Nique - Showing her created alter. Notice how the core personality seems 'cold' or emotionless, while the alter has the smile. Photo by Derek Blanks

Natalia Kills - Again, mirrors represent alternate realities, so the broken mirror shows her fragmented mind.

Nicki Minaj -Dual personalities, fighting. Monster

Pink - Split personalities. Sober

Rihanna -Surrounded by her created alters.

Ryan Gosling - Dual personalities.

Snoop Dogg - At dinner in Boss Life with multiple alters. It appears that his real personality is in the middle, and he's surrounded by his many created alters his handlers have had him use throughout the years.

T.I. - Split personality. TI vs. TIP

Versace - What an interesting ad by Versace. Clones on a conveyer belt.

Vivica Fox - Dual personalities. Photo by Derek Blanks

Wiz Khalifa -Looks like more than one personality squeezed into one person? You tell me.

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