Monday, March 26, 2012

Masonic Checkerboard/Duality Symbolism

    The Masonic Checkerboard is one of the most important symbols to the Illuminati, for it is used in ritualistic ceremonies. This is used because black and white is a symbol for duality, or the base of consciousness. Base consciousness is important, because it is where all other states of mind arise. Personally, I like to think that checkerboards are also symbols for the celebrities being pawns.

     Duality patterns, such as checkerboards, stripes or zebras, are also commonly used as triggers for mind control slaves in order to reach specific alters. I didn't add too much stripes symbolism-wise in this post because I was overwhelmed with checkerboards alone.

I'd like to add (for all the people complaining) that sure, it may just be a floor, but the whole objective with the last several posts I've done is the fact that it's the same group of celebrities in every post. It's not as though Madonna or Britney Spears has one photo with a checkerboard, or one photo in animal print, it's the fact that they have photos of every type of important symbolism.

Example of a Freemason Lodge. Look at all that symbolism!

Alexander McQueen - The models are pawns.

Amy Winehouse

Angelina Jolie

Avril Lavigne - Screenshot from Girlfriend.

Beyonce, performing on Good Morning America. She really went all out.

Britney Spears, in Overprotected. Almost looks like a hospital.

Again, more checkerboard patterns. The photos and news clippings covering the walls refers to the fact the she's always being monitored closely. This works well, as this is for the video for Overprotected.

Christina Aguilera - Checkered earrings in Keeps Gettin' Better.

Demi Lovato, performing Give Your Heart a Break,at the People's Choice Award's recently. She's also a Lady in Red, which is represents the Whore of Babylon.

Dr. Dre, a known handler, playing chess. He's also moving a pawn. This symbolizes the playing of his many slaves, such as Eminem, 50 Cent, etc.

Drew Barrymore

Fergie - Dualism used as stripes, in her music video Fergalicious.

Scene in Fight Club, when Tyler is threatening a man.

Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire.

Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus - Checkerboards are used for entering new states of mind, so this is perfect. When someone jumps through the mirror or portal, they are in a alter reality. Heath Ledger also died during the filming, so some suspect this was used for sacrifice.

Jessie J - From Nobody's Perfect.

The Kardashian's Christmas photo. Kim, Kris and Khloe are each making a 6 with their arms. 666?

Katy Perry - Checkerboard, as well as riding a phallic symbol.

Kid Cudi in Day N Night.

Popular Asian group, KPOP. Apparently, they are chalk full of symbolism, just take a look!

Kylie Minogue in a checkerboard dress. Creative.

Lady Gaga, of course. This is the scene from Paparazzi, used as for a sacrifice ritual. If you notice, Gaga is shouting 'Stop!' because she is about to be thrown from the balcony.

Leona Lewis

Lily Allen in her own wonderland in The Fear.

Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the MTV VMA's in 2005. The checkerboard is important here because, yes, something that seemed to be nothing more than a simple performance, was actually a ritual.

This performance of Like a Virgin, was a ritual for Madonna to 'pass the torch' of Queen of Pop to Britney. This is why they are in wedding gowns, and this also explains the kiss.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston performing at the Oscars in '99.

Screenshot from The Matrix.

Megan Fox, posing with a mannequin. This is symbolism for Megan switching alters.

Michael Jackson - The Illuminati like to blueprint their plans in plain site before they follow through, and this is a perfect example. Michael is in red, which is symbolism for sacrifice, while standing over the Masonic checkerboard.

Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana. The Disney machine loves symbolism.

Natalia Kills - Wonderland

Nicki Minaj, with the title A Star is Born. Right over the checkerboard.

No Doubt - Checkerboard and full of duality symbolism with the stripes and clothing.

Pink - This performance at the MTV VMA's in '09 was actually suspected of being a ritual as well.

The Royal Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Also the same venue for Prince William and Kate.


Rihanna - Video for You Da One, overdoing it much?

Selena Gomez - Screenshot from Naturally. This is duality symbolism.

Shakira - Freedom Is a Lie

Tina Fey - Checkerboards and duality. She also looks as though she's in a trance, as this level of consciousness is perfect for monarch programming.

Whitney Houston

Willow Smith - Taken from Whip My Hair. Looks like some sort of hospital or mental institution. Once again, duality symbolizes the base consciousness, which is used in monarch programming.

Wiz Khalifa - In a cage with a checkerboard wall, in No Sleep.


  1. Ya know, sometimes a checkerboard is just a checkerboard. Just because I choose to use a duality graphic or design doesn't mean I'm performing a ritual or that I am a member of the Illuminati. It means I want to grab attention or maybe it just looks cool. Would you refuse to use someones toilet because their bathroom floor was black and white tile? Never know, might just be waiting for innocent blood to perform a ritual, muhaha. :P

    1. Considering the virtually infinite number of set designs available, the number of times that the "checkerboard design" is encountered is more than remarkable. It is essentially being pushed in our faces.

    2. Considering the virtually infinite number of set designs available, the number of times that the "checkerboard design" is encountered is more than remarkable. It is essentially being pushed in our faces.

    3. Checkboard symbolism really does represent duality and change in consciousness which is monarch mind control.And Aleister Crowley used the checkerboard symbolism for human/animal sacrifice rituals. Just like any other illuminati symbolism has a meaning like the all seeing eye isn't just an eye but its is one eye only representing the eye of Horus which is Satan.

  2. I do know that the checkerboard does represent duality, but you aren't fully explaining why there is symbolism in most of the screenshots. Might aswell post the cover of a chess set and call it a day

  3. While I certainly can see the symbolism of duality in the over usage of the checkerboard & black & white themes in movies, videos, etc., I also see something else that they are trying to convey:
    That the way you are judged is black & white; in absolutes... there is no grey area where those judging are concerned... & justice is indeed blind, which does not mean what people think it means.

  4. Awesome article! The fact is while screen shots in most of these videos, may look like just a checkerboard, It's usually the 'story of the video' the explains the duality.

  5. I think you've done too much acid mate

  6. It's true... I know for fact the checkerboard is a huge illuminati symbol. Illuminati is made up today of Freemasons, Scientology, and The Vril Society, and other groups and individuals. Biggest secrets at the top levels are human cloning and... um.. well they go by the Vril . Crazy shit... they are basically Luciferean, sacrificing pervs who think they can make deals with "demons" to extend their life. Now they use technology to try and do it using consciousness transfer into clones which they try and make us believe are robotoids or machines. Don't you believe it, they are human duplication clones. Actually they have done it for a long time since WW2. People need to wake up and speak out... it's all right in front of your face Everywhere you look.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What was said here that had to be removed???? Very Curios!!!

  8. Well if that is true than Rick Nielson of CHEAP TRICK must be King.. He has more Checkerboard stages,Guitars,clothes, Lawnmowers, Caps on his teeth Etc...Than ANYONE....

  9. I have a question for all you guys. You might heard of Hillsong in this era right?? If you looked it's branch which is the HIllsong United, you'll see a three black and white stripes patterns in a flag. Does it means that Hillsong is worshiping both to God and Satan??? Just askin'

    1. Hillsongs are clear Satanists in disguise. They have nothing to do with God or Jesus at all.

  10. And now target is advertising it to the fullest.

    1. I just saw Target's "checkered"commercial tonight. Wow!!!

  11. And now target is advertising it to the fullest.

  12. And now target is advertising it to the fullest.

  13. It's in video games as well, in Black Ops 3 multi-player and Zombies (haven't played the campaign) there are numerous checkerboard patterns, not just as flooring either; in the zombies, straight ahead from where you spawn you see a two poster boards with just the pattern on them. It's on the building ahead but they have it so every time you come in its at the top of the screen. And now zombies and alot of other games have celebrity's being different characters. With the multi-player too, every other map you play you'll see the checkered pattern or illuminati symbolism. They litterally shove this shit in our faces. The forces of greed and evil have found yet another way to distract, and milk tremendous amounts of money out of the working man and woman's pocket. I'm telling you people it's getting worse and worse and more obvious every day; im afraid if things don't change, and we keep on going where we're headed, we're gunna turn into a subservient civilization.

  14. I also wanted to add something I noticed recently. Stephen Hawkins might have been poisoned by the illuminati to use as a puppet. In the movie 'the theory of everything' when Stephen decides to get out of bed to fill in the 10 questions which lead to him being recognised as a genius, the movie shows him landing on a chess board maybe as to symbolise that moment that he became their pawn. Then In the next scene during the dance the floor is clearly checkered black and white. The system perhaps used a clever and sad way to use someone of brilliance that had credibility to give them a disease and use them as a non moving speechless pawn??? Also I noticed on the movie that the voice used for Stephen as a robot was much to their dismay American and despite their resources was never changed over the years to British kinda like a kick in the teeth for Stephen with the illuminati rubbing his face in it. Also when his wife and he separated the timing seems off that she would stay wit him through everything and leave when a new carer comes along. Perhaps Stephen was threatened and had no choice but to play along.
    What do you think?