Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Imitations

Photos of people imitating Marilyn Monroe. This is important because Marilyn was the ultimate prototype for MK Ultra's BETA-programmed sex slave or Sex Kitten programming. She was also the first successful female icon who was under this type of mind control. Many of the women posted below are under sex kitten programming, so they idolize Marilyn. She is their ultimate role model.
It is interesting that these girls have all the exact details down in the clothing and hairstyles.
Angelina Jolie

Anna Nicole Smith - She had a major 'obsession' with Marilyn, and her life tragically ended the same way, mysteriously.

Britney Spears - Britney actually resembles Marilyn if you look closely, she even has the exact same hairline.

Charlize Theron

Christina Aguilera

Drew Barrymore

Gwen Stefani

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson - She actually imitated a Marilyn look-a-like by mistake.

Kate Moss

Katherine Heigl

Katy Perry

Kelly Osbourne

Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie Minogue

Lady Gaga

Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay seems to be very obsessed as she has copied almost every photoshoot of Marilyn's, no exaggeration.

Madonna - From all the photos available, I'd have to say I think Madge actually believes she is Marilyn Monroe.


Michelle Williams

Megan Fox

Nicki Minaj

Nicole Kidman

Pamela Anderson

Paris Hilton

Rachel McAdams


Scarlett Johanssen

Taylor Swift

Just ask yourself, do you dress up as your role models? (Not including Halloween)


  1. I think out of them all Madonna and Anna Nicole were the most obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.

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